Cross registration and classes at Columbia

| August 9, 2014

As you begin to embark on your studies in Neuroscience and Education, you may be interested in taking courses in the Psychology department at Columbia or a class in the Neuroscience program.

However, as you begin your search there are two major considerations:

1.) Cost. Tuition costs is slightly more over at CU and the courses often listed as 4 credits rather than 3.

2.) Time. Courses are offered often during the day in 2 hour blocks. In some rare instances, courses take place twice a week for a little over 90 minutes. But, it’s not just the time of day or the length of the course. It’s so easy to gloss over the fact that these courses are infact for graduate students pursuing a PhD. The course of study for these programs are different, in so that students of a particular program only take 1 and not more than 2 courses per term alongside whatever lab or program requirements for their program. I mention this because this can often mean that the work load is much heavier than other classes. Expect to put in a few extra hours for readings to prepare for discussions.

So, you’ve skimmed that and read through the registrar information and wonder Do I really need to wait until the first week of classes?

The answer is yes and no. It’s recommended that once you find a class HERE, that you contact the professor and ask in advance. Usually, they’ll be able to give you a yes/no – go ahead, sign up. If they reject you’re request, don’t take offense! It’s often because the class books up quickly for seniors, has specific pre-reqs or some other valid reason.

Contacting the professor is vital in not screwing up your schedule and affecting any awards dependent on status. They may not be able to give an immediate yes, but will be able to confirm course enrollment on the first day of class. Then it’ll just be going through the motions with the Office of the Registrar to be officially enrolled. An email forwarding the professors approval to the registrars administrators should suffice and Voila! You are officially enrolled.

Next up: Part II, Which classes or department should I look?