Cognitive Neuroscience Society Travel Prize 2014

To recognize and promote outstanding research by young researchers in the field of cognitive neuropsychology, the journal Cognitive Neuropsychology awards six travel prizes annually to graduate students or post-doctoral students. The prizes will consist of awards of up to US $750 that can be applied for costs of travel, lodging and registration fees for students presenting a poster or a talk reporting on original cognitive neuropsychological research at a conference.

Cognitive neuropsychological research is defined as research that falls within the Scope and Aims of Cognitive Neuropsychology: the investigation of human cognition that is based on neuropsychological methods including behavioral studies of individuals with brain pathology, as well as neural recording, stimulation or imaging. The research can involve brain-lesioned, developmentally impaired or neurologically-intact adults, children or non-human animals as long as it makes an explicit contribution to our understanding of normal human cognitive processes and representations. Cognition is understood broadly to include the domains of perception, attention, planning, language, thinking, memory and action. In short, the goals of the research should be: cognitive, the methods: neuropsychological.
Deadline: September 1st 2014
Application: Please attach two MS Word/PDF documents to your application email.
The first must include (1) the title of the talk or poster to be presented, and (2) the abstract of the talk or poster to be presented. Please name this file “[your name] abstract”.
The second document must include (3) your CV, (4) brief, one paragraph explanation of how the research falls within the Scope and Aims of Cognitive Neuropsychology(described above), (5) documentation confirming the talk or poster has been accepted for presentation (this can be forwarded at a later date but no later than four weeks after our deadline), (6) name and dates of the conference, and (7) a brief (maximum 400 word) letter from your research supervisor or mentor indicating your status as a graduate or post-doctoral student and describing your role in the research project to be presented. This letter can be emailed separate to the application. Please name this file “[your name] application docs”.
Please submit applications and queries
Review: Applications will be reviewed by a committee of Cognitive Neuropsychology editors and decisions will be made within four weeks after the deadline. Please note that the support will only be granted for a conference scheduled after the final decision date. Winners must forward confirmation of their conference participation no later than four weeks after the deadline.
Conditions:  (a) Prize recipients must submit receipts for travel, lodging and/or conference registration after attending the conference and will be reimbursed up to $750 (US), (b) Prize recipients will recognize the support provided by Cognitive Neuropsychology by including an acknowledgment statement and journal logo within their poster or spoken presentation.
Please pass this email on to your graduate students, post-doctoral students and colleagues. A PDF version of this call for applications may be found here:
With thanks and best wishes,
Sarah Scoffield
Publishing Editor
Cognitive Neuropsychology